mardi 28 août 2007

Rechenzentrum - Silence DVD

The last time we discographically heard about the guys from Rechenzentrum (Christian Conrad & Marcus Weiser), it was for their cd + dvd Director's Cut on the über-cult Mille Plateaux label.
An absolute masterpiece between pure german minimal dance music and contemporary art video happening. And gigs full of atmospheric pictures, macintosh laptops and weird organic sounds.

Then they went on to their Emperor Remixed project, "an experimental reworking of Beethoven’s 5th piano concerto". And to add to their megalomaniac genius, they performed it 7 times: in Japan, Korea, China and Berlin. An extract:

Silence, the new Rechenzentrum dvd will be released on October 12 on Weiser Music.
All the videos are avalaible here.

Rechenzentrum's website

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