mercredi 22 août 2007

Animal Collective - Live at Midi Festival

For those who didn't noticed, I am absolutely lost in admiration at Animal Collective.
I've seen them twice this summer and their set is not so much about Strawberry Jam. Many songs are "new", even newer then the new album.

Here the gig they performed at the Midi Festival (on the french riviera).
It's just absolutely brilliant. The third video features two of the most beautiful A.C song ever.

Loch Raven (from Feels)

Leaf House (from Sung Tongs)

Tasty Places / Am I real (?)
Material Things / Fancy Things / Social Status / Little Girl (?)

Walk around with you (?)

Brother Sport (?)

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Superiper a dit…

as the first comment added on this blog, what else to say except that we're pretty well spoiled ?!
A.C, LCD, ESG, Arcade Fire, it would be hard to ask for more. Thank U La Chips.