mardi 28 août 2007

Apache Beat

It's now official. We have a new best-band-name-of-the-world band. And - is it really a surprise? - they're from NYC.

Apache Beat

And where do they come from? Neu!'s multi-instrumentist Klaus Dinger used to describe its minimalist drum patterns of "apache beat". And so here we are.

The recent revelation of this band troubles me quite a lot:

1) Why do so many exciting bands come from NYC?
2) Why do so many exciting bands have a "krautrock-influenced" sticker on their face?

Anyway, the music is great.
Even if the tracks are only demos, I love their uptight drum/bass parts and besides the lead singer has a sort of Siouxsie voice which gives their songs a very sexy and deep aspect.
Oh and also the synths are nice.
Blood Thrills is going to be a hit, I predict.

Apache Beat on myspace

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