vendredi 24 août 2007

Joy Division LPs re-released

Control, the biopic around Ian Curtis' life as frontman of Joy Division, is announced as a pure masterpiece after its grounbreaking premiere at Cannes in May.
The movie will be out in France on the 24th September and I don't really understand why France first.

Anyway. The point is that Unknown Pleasures, Closer and Still will be re-released next month and to show that this is not just a vulgar marketing operation to make me buy a second time those records, each of them will come with an extra live CD.

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SuperRiper a dit…

"Love will tear us apart" ou le destin tragique d'un gamin épileptique qui tombe amoureux de la copine de son meilleur ami.
Sur scène, ses vibrations viscérales nous emmènent au plus profond de ses tourments mais toujours avec une grande humilité. Fragile, il vacille, trébuche, "attend le guide qui viendra le prendre par la main".(Disorder).
En attendant la sortie de "Control", rendons hommage à ce pionner de la cold wave.