samedi 26 janvier 2008


"I'll take the the subway to your suburb sometimes,
I'll seek out the things that must have been magic to your little girl mind"

vendredi 25 janvier 2008

Dancing Graffiti

Kiki is definately one of our favorite artists over at Did you see the words. Almost every release from the Bpitch Control dude is a hit and I am pretty sure that tracks such as Hott! or Universal will still make me dance when I'll be sixty four.

His last release is maybe more dark and techno, less festive and more uptight, but still it's just so classy. And even if it sounds at first like the average progressive minimal track that you've heard about a million times on Mobilee, well then it's one of the best you've heard.

jeudi 17 janvier 2008


kill-the-dj  |kil ze did jay|
Record label based in Paris, released works from Ivan Smagghe, Chloé, Jennifer Cardini, Krikor... Symbol of a certain idea of the love of music: obscure, open-minded, wild, awkward, raw, underground, exciting, passionate, dark, without boundaries. After having been excommunicated in the early 10's by French Ministre de la Culture David Guetta (sic), they emigrated to Berlin, where they organise the resistance in the backrooms of the Watergate.

Syn: Factory, Warp, Perlon.


In some decades from now, their parties at Pulp will be in history handbooks and their visuals will decorate the french flag.

And if Ivan Smagghe looks like Jesus, well, it's not totally a coincidence.

On vous aura prévenu.

Dance the Kommunismus

Kraftwerk are not the only folks from Dusseldorf City to have made groundbreaking music.

"Get Up.
Shake Your Hips.
Clap Your Hands.
And Dance The Mussolini"

mardi 15 janvier 2008

dimanche 6 janvier 2008

The Droids - The Force

I posted some weeks ago a track from this french space disco project called The Droids. 
Here's some more about the "band" + a great video and two more tracks.

Fabrice Cuitade was a young label manager at Barclay in the seventies and right after seeing Star Wars for the first time, he decided to make a concept album out of it: Star Peace.

This song The Force featured on the So Young But So Cold compilation, a sort of florilège of French Underground cold wave and early electro (the label? Tigersushi. Where else?).


vendredi 4 janvier 2008

bonne année hein

Bonne année donc.

Glass Candy devrait être sur toutes les langues et sur tous les blogs cette année. Voila un bon petit track bien suave com'-i-faut en attendant du neuf.

Demain, samedi 5 Janvier, à 18h30 pile, je passerai des disques pour la résidence du label Ekler'o'shock sur Radio Campus Paris avec l'ami Buzz l'Ekler et d'autres voyous.
On parlera carte judiciaire et italo-ebm-krautwave.

Et après, à partir de 22h au Café Chérie, 44 Bd de la Villette, 19ème.
C'est pas cher et les gens sourient. Enfin, ceux qui sont pas en train de fumer dehors...