jeudi 17 janvier 2008


kill-the-dj  |kil ze did jay|
Record label based in Paris, released works from Ivan Smagghe, Chloé, Jennifer Cardini, Krikor... Symbol of a certain idea of the love of music: obscure, open-minded, wild, awkward, raw, underground, exciting, passionate, dark, without boundaries. After having been excommunicated in the early 10's by French Ministre de la Culture David Guetta (sic), they emigrated to Berlin, where they organise the resistance in the backrooms of the Watergate.

Syn: Factory, Warp, Perlon.


In some decades from now, their parties at Pulp will be in history handbooks and their visuals will decorate the french flag.

And if Ivan Smagghe looks like Jesus, well, it's not totally a coincidence.

On vous aura prévenu.

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