jeudi 16 août 2007

Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam

There's no such band as Animal Collective. For many reasons. For their genius, their humility, their outfits, their instruments, their voices. And I guess for their sound.

But one of the most striking thing about them is this: there's not one single album they've made on which you can get a definitive judgement, something like:
"Well, Revolver is definitely above all the others" or
"n°1: Fear of Music - 9,12/10, n°2: Remain in Light - 8,38/10, ...".
You never actually know an Animal Collective album, there's always things left to discover.
Two weeks ago I thought Feels was their best album. Then I listened to Spirits they're gone, Spirit they've vanished. And what about Sung Tongs? I had always thought it was too soft, too guitar-driven, too mellow. But hell yeah it is. And that's just what makes it so beautiful.

I guess that's what makes it so absolutely useless to give any opinion about a new A.C album. So I won't give mine because it won't be the same in 10 minutes.

Let's just say that Strawberry Jam will be out on Domino on September 10th.
It's less moving, but more electronic, more frenetic.
It sounds a lot like Turn into something which - hmmm, interesting - was the last song of Feels. There's 9 songs and the sleeve is, for once, really horrible.

Animal Collective - Fireworks
Animal Collective - Derek
Animal Collective - Peacebone

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