mercredi 7 janvier 2009

Some Liberty City fine tunes

Thanks Iggy:
Q Lazzarus -Goodbye Horses

Danke Karl:
Electric Funk - On a Journey

Cpacibo Ruslana:
Gruppa Kino -Gruppa krovi
(to be listened on Hove Beach, at dawn, homesick...)

6 commentaires:

Little Jacob a dit…

Good choice man. But u're lazy ass could've done betta than 3 tracks. Tha are a lot more than that man.

Manny Escuela a dit…

Style is one of the reason one should never quit smoking.

La Chips a dit…

ferdinand? c'est toi?

Iggy Smalls a dit…

i sweat that wasn't meeeeeee

Iggy Smalls a dit…


La Chips a dit…

ah ok ca va alors