mercredi 28 janvier 2009

With Metal Shoes/Springs For Hair (I See Robots Everywhere)

While everyone was arguing about who was the first dj, who invented electronic music as we know it today and how Humpty Dumpty fell from the wall, just keep in mind that at that time, electro and hip hop were just married. To divorce later and get back together today.
The Detroit duo Juan Atkins & Rick Davis, aka Cybotron, at the controls.
Juan Atkins & Rick Davis - Clear (Fantasy, 1983)

Listen to the opening background wave. Same space sound as the Child 13 track.
Jamie Jupitor - Computer Power (JD, 1984)

Before doings killa beats for Ice Cube, Eazy-E or Snoop, Dre created bionic instrumentals.
Dr Dre - Juice (Triple X, 1985)

Nite nite...
Dynamic Bass System - Arabian Dreams (International DeeJay Gigolos, 1986)

This one, I love it. It's already walking on the Double H Avenue (no surprise, we're in 89), but the little berghainoid noise behind makes it sound like a hip hop beat played by Magda at the Panorama.
2 Live Crew - Dirty Nursery Rhymes (Luke, 1989)

A last one, Sally off course, A classic.
Gucci Crew II - Sally, That Girl

And off course, all the tracks containing Kraftwerk samples, but there are too many of them: Cha Cha Cha by MC Lyte, Dick Almighty by 2 Live Crew, Egypt Egypt by The Egyptian Lover, Big Booty Express by Jay Dee, Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaataa, etc.
And since one thing leads to another, moi jte coupe pas ta cheveux.

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