mardi 4 novembre 2008

Die Kunst des Müßiggangs

Walk home, Children Don't Get Weary (Judy Clay with Booker T & The MG's, Stax, 1968). It's done. He talked. Here is his ghastly Confession (Heartthrob, M-nus, 2008).
Vampires of the West Coast (Ghost Bees, Youth Club, 2008) are heading towards my Sweet Home Chicago (Robert Johnson, Columbia, 1937), where These Burgers (The Moldy Peaches, Rough Trade, 2002) could make you join the Russian Dance (Tom Waits, Island, 1993). Tapioca, tabaco y café en la Navidad Negra (José Barros, Ocarina, 1967).

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La Chips a dit…

belle performance!