mardi 9 septembre 2008

Sweet Home Chicago

Tracks, heard here and there, in my beloved Chicago. If there's a city in the USofA where you can listen to some good music, I guess it's here. Not to mention the music you'll find in the record shops.

AU - 4 RR vs D (Agoo, 2008)

Daedelus - Make It So (Ninja Tune, 2008)

Rainer Weichhold - Bamboo (Great Stuff Recordigs, 2007)
Be patient...3:20 is worth waiting

Battles - Atlas (Mirrored, 2007)

Minimalistische Elektronische Muzik Futurist did have a good trip and arrived well in Chitown, and might stay longer than what she expected. Matthew Dear two weeks ago, the M-nus team last Saturday (Magda I love you), Ellen Allien & Modeselektor last Wednesday.

Here's a track from a small Japanese lady who plays huge tracks. The title has a subliminal message. Did u see the words?
Akiko Kiyama - You Won't Speak To Me (Kompakt, 2008)

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Liječnick Nije a dit…

Picture by Steve Schofield.

Anonyme a dit…

what is the subliminal message?

plaid a dit…

Thanks for a all the comments on our blog.I ve been a fan of yours a long time now.It's nice to see that other people appreciate your work.Great pic by the way..

La Chips a dit…

ouais bete de photo.
et le AU est super
tu rentres quand Nan?

Docteur Nan a dit…