mercredi 17 septembre 2008

best of your minimal ass 2008


I don't pretend to be exhaustive, lots of great things I missed for no-knowledge, no-guestlist, no-cash or no-energy reasons. I bet Ivan Smagghe's set at Watergate two weeks ago might have been decent, and I'd love to see lives such as Richie Hawtin's, Konrad Black's or Andomat 3000. Just usual september name-dropping in the hope some people get to know other cool stuff and go to great partys.

DJ set:

1 - Troy Pierce @ Works, Detroit - fucked up crowd rolling on pills, gays in line for coke and bj in the women bathroom, scary venue and ambiance, Troy plays home...
2 - Magda @ Movement Festival, Detroit - sunset beneath the GM towers, übscheste DJane, brilliant and original mix with lots of unexpected disco/funk loops.
3 - Ricardo Villalobos @ Panorama Bar (september), Berlin - perfect gig, aside the asshole with a camera who's disturbing the crowd and the DJ, but it gets even better when he got kicked out.
4 - Onür Özer @ Bar25 (september), Berlin - no comment, sunday nights at bar25 are miraculous.
5 - Joakim @ Social Club (june), Paris - the dude rules, the crowd sucks, my friend got kicked out, yeah Paris sucks.
6 - Tobi Neuman @ Watergate (july), Berlin - end of the fashion week, panic while dancing with the most goreous girl on earth met so far; too bad... next time!
7 - Optimo @ Studio B (april), NYC - the proof music can save a party: I would never have believed there were only 40 people left at 3 a.m.
8 - GummiHz @ Rechenzentrum (july), Berlin - unusually good crowd in this new venue, tons of speed spread out in the club, the afternoon is great as well, beneath high-tension wires, by the Spree, on fine sand.
9 - Jeff Milligan @ Watergate (september), Berlin - the 4 turntables+2 cds+playlists shit is so impressive it's hard to focus on music.
10 - Martin Landsky @ Weekend Club, Berlin - as good as lazy, raging party shut down at 6 a.m. so no time to get bored, people get out still rolling, and have no idea what to do, quite unusual here.


1 - Alva Noto @ Middlesex Lounge (may), Cambridge (MA) - the future of electronic music presented in this shitty venue makes it an island for lost visionaries for one night; well, untill 2 a.m. ; the Raster Noton crew rocks on live performance, but can be horrible on DJ sets.
2 - Afternoon Coffee Boys @ Rechenzentrum (august), Berlin - never heard of the dudes who happen to be friends of a friend from Chicago; to be closely followed.
3 - Alex Smoke @ Watergate (september), Berlin - No surprise, the dude knows his shit.
4 - Gui Boratto @ Panorama Bar (august), Berlin - No comment.
5 - M83 @ Middle East (june), Cambridge - well, I know there's nothing about minimal shit, but ...

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