dimanche 15 février 2009

Deep Fried Friends

Fickle sample. Sample cycle. I came across an old interview of Lil' Wayne in Vibe, where he talks about his angst, life and death. The result is him creating and creating. There's a lot to put under your bed, but also a lot to keep on your shelves. When he puts his gloves on, he proves that he's close to the crown, like on the Dr Carter track with the Holy Thursday sample.
David Axelrod - Holy Thursday (EMI, 1968)

Hypnotic remix which recalls me of the incredible Dumbo track.
Sun Ra - Saga Of Resistance (Theo Parrish Remix) (Kindred Spirits, 2003)

Sun Ra used to dream of another planet where the Black people would escape from the White segregation. In another way, George Clinton and his team dreamed of a White House ruled by Aretha Franklin and James Brown. Can you dig it CC?
Parliament - Chocolate City (Casablanca, 1975)

One marvel rules this world of samples and segregation. It's like the Sample Emperor, it gave birth to lots of tight ass hip hop beats (Anti-Matter by MF Doom aka King Geedorah, You Can't Stop Me Now by RZA aka Bobby Digital, NaS, etc.) or groovy reggae tracks (Message From A Black Man by The Heptones). No matter how hard you try you can't stop it now...
The Whatnauts - Message From A Black Man (Stang, 1970)

What do you mean? I made my payment last tuesday!

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La Chips a dit…

Ferdi, t'es un peu le James Brown du Conemara !!!
Vieux filou !!