samedi 13 décembre 2008

Sha Sha Shine

It's not the voice of the Voice's daughter. True. But she did "celui-là spécialement pour vous, pour que, pendant les vacances, on soit encore ensemble." Thank you.
Sheila - Bang Bang (Phillips, 1966)

Obviously Mister Modo bakes tasty music.
Mister Modo - Girl Scouts Cookie (LME, 2008)

And since we're in the skit box:
Binary Star - K.G.B. (Intro) (Subterraneous, 2000) (and one of the best indie hip hop records of the 21st century. For sure.) Dedicated to Niko "Lefkogrec" Bellic

Mr Animal Collective has got a nice (Mùm) groupie (and/or wife).
Avey Tare & Kria Brekkan - I've Got Mine (Session Planète Claire, 2005)

Wendy Rene & The Drapels - After Laughter (Stax, 1964) .... Comes Tears. I taught him, all about the bees and birds/But I wish I had a chance to sing these three words

This should be plaid at high volume in a residential area.
Fab 5 Freddy - Une Sale Histoire (Female Version) (AZ, 1982)

Sadly enough, Minimalistische Tekno Muzik Futurist sounds more and more like commercial music for mdmics. Not this one.
Matt Star - Kuhle Fliege (Hugo Remix) (International Freakshow, 2008)

Music for kids. A gift shop in Sedona, AZ owned by an old Haight Ashbury clerk.
Lullabye Renditions - Paranoid Android (Rockabye Baby, 2005)

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