mercredi 21 mai 2008

It Is A War Out There No One Is Safe From

Well. A marvellous vinyl cover lost in the Zia Record shop of Las Vegas. A little record label with a shelter name. Some infamous names for non-famous groups. The exact definition of a record you find in a music store and that you want to listen to. These three ingredients are way more efficient than a 10,000$ marketing campaign.

Legowelt - Into The Storm
Bangkok Impact - Daily 4 Minutes
Kassen - Walking Breathing

Protect yourself, get in here.

2 commentaires:

La Chips a dit…

eh mais ferdi qu'est ce qui t'arrive? j'exerce mes supers pouvoirs a distance ou quoi? tu te mets a l'electro pop synthétique j'y crois pas...

raoul a dit…

ce trio est fort sympathique.
bangkok impact est très pouet pouet.