dimanche 9 mars 2008

Mузыка это Матрёшка

A little trip in the cold and dark musical world of Russia.
Here are four of the main Russian groups. But be warned: it's cold out there.
The two first are weird but holy in Moscow.
Volga mixes traditional and electronic music, and Ole Lukkoye experiments music with sounds.
Волга - Detinushka
Оле Лукойе - Moment Of Istiny

You won't feel lost with SCSI-9's Minimal Electronic music.
SCSI-9 - Another Day Acid (Kompakt)

And last but not least, a Kubikov & Sapunov mix. These two are Russia's Minimal House superstars.
Kubikov & Sapunov - My House Mix

And as we all know that the problem with music is that it's a beautiful Matryoshka doll, here is Russian food for an endless hunger: Music Piaterotchka .

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andreas a dit…

merci de partager volga. c'est excellent!

salut d'allemagne ;)